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Bluetooth 66 Audio BTS+

66 audio bts bluetooh headphones i like them

I was looking for a good pair of Bluetooth earphones when a friend mentioned recommended his 66 Audio BTS+ headphones. My friend was absolutely sure about these headphones since he has been using them for a long time, but I had my doubts. Well, honestly, I was not quite sure about ordering it since the other Bluetooth products I have used were big disappointments when it came to music quality. But, I am really happy that I took the decision of ordering this great Bluetooth headphone. Since the first day it has been my companion.

There are several things I like about this latest buy, the 66 Audio BTS+. It comes with super cool sound quality that makes listening to music a real treat. I even found that it is compatible with my iPad and Mac. But what I really loved the most is the fact that it serves both a hands free Bluetooth headset for making calls, as well as a headphone for listening to my music. I love the fact that is wire free, which makes it my favorite headphone. No need for those tangled wires anymore and I am relieved. So, it is more like a 2 in 1 device for me which means I don’t need to carry a separate Bluetooth device for my phone. It plays music for several hours at a stretch without having to charge it, for me it is a bonus. I have used it for about 20 hours at a stretch with just a single charge. Now that’s what I call awesomeness.

The device fits perfectly on my ears and there’s no discomfort at all. With other headphone’s there has always been an issue with excess pressure on the ears. But my 66 Audio BTS+ are better than all the other products I have used. I usually use this device on a daily basis while working out in the gym as well as when I am working. In fact, this is also my most loved travel companion. Since it is really lightweight and can be easily folded it slides into my backpack easily without occupying any extra space.

Is Men’s Health Writer’s View of Justin Bieber Accurate?

justin bieber mens health cover

On the cover of the April issue of Men’s Health, we see twenty year old Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber posing shirtless, hands behind his head, with the quote “It’s time for me to grow up.”

There are mixed opinions on the young star, which are highlighted in Men’s Health writer Oliver Broudy’s featured article, “The Reinvention of Justin Bieber.”  According to Broudy, it wasn’t as if he didn’t like Bieber, but that he found the singer to be offensive. Many would argue this to be harsh, though others may agree, even support this statement. Broudy’s article continues in what seems to be a sour tone, remarking that Bieber’s success relied on his skilled producers and has large fan base of young tween and teenage girls, even commenting that Bieber had become a girl similar to his fans.

Though the particular remarks of his could be argued to be harsh and almost as if the Men’s Health writer is envious of the young celebrity’s success, others could beg to differ, finding Broudy to be voicing the concerns and thoughts that most of the general public store in the back of their heads toward Bieber. He continues to comment that the young celebrity has never had to deal with the “crap” that we do, such as attending job interviews, using public transportation, being at a bar and getting “dumped”, or simply mowing the front lawn.

He speaks of the star being carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards, and that Bieber has had nearly everything handed to him. According to Broudy, the singer expects manhood to also be “handed” to him.Broudy paints Justin Bieber as a pampered young celebrity with little knowledge or experience of the real world that we live in. Not everyone agrees with the version of Justin Bieber created by Broudy, arguing that Bieber has had to face many problems that many of us simply couldn’t handle. For instance, having fans and the paparazzi swarm around him and his family, throwing questions at them and refusing to give the, any privacy, or the cruel and simply disturbing remarks being published on the internet or through editorials.

Broudy’s choice of words have a sting to them, creating the sense of envy, personal distaste, and offensiveness toward the celebrity. The article isn’t completely constructed of tart and cutting adjectives describing the star. Near the conclusion, Broudy sounds somewhat empathetic towards the twenty-year-old celebrity, almost as if he pities him, remarking about how hard it is to be a man today.It’s doubtful that Broudy’s editorial will have effect on any self-dubbed ‘Believers’ out there, however, the article seems to be reinforcing the idea that have made most non-fans shudder, clench their fists, or snicker when the name ‘Justin Bieber’ is declared outloud, the idea that Justin Bieber is just a spoiled, cocky, and entitled kid who doesn’t know how his fans and the majority of the population lives or what it really means to be an ‘adult.’

Whether the image of Bieber created by Broudy is an accurate representation of the young star is for the readers and fans to decide.

Great Ideas For Small Business Success

tips for small business success

As most of you are aware, millions of people across the world would like to open their own businesses and become their own boss some day? The tragedy here is only a fraction of this number would be successful. To succeed in business today you need to be flexible and possess proper organizational as well as planning ideas. Before indulging in any business activity, take time to plan all the necessary steps you need to take so as to move your small business to the next level. Below are some golden tips which should assist you as you plan to start your business.

Getting organized should take the first priority as far as your business success is concerned. Being organized will not only make you stay on top of the things you ought to do but will also make you complete tasks in time. Each day make sure you create a to-do list and as you complete each task, check it off the list. This is a great way of ensuring that you can neither redo a task nor can you forget a task. The result will be that you will always complete the tasks essential for the success of your business.

Be a good salesperson. This is not to be underestimated for even if you don’t sale your goods direct to your customers, a time to sale your ideas to investors shall come knocking. Selling your vision is a great idea as well as selling customers and consumers on your brand. If your business lacks this, know it’s on its way to hitting a wall and take the necessary steps.

Analyze the risks and rewards facing your business. For your business to grow, you must know the risks and the opportunities that your business is operating on. Do a SWOT analysis and always ask yourself what could be the downside? This skill will see you taking away all the risks that can fuel negative rewards for your business and it shall keep operating.

Discipline should be incorporated. Being disciplined in business doesn’t solely mean working hard but also implies good management of your entrepreneurial tendencies. If you are blessed with a mind that can be considered an idea-generating machine you can really go far. But you ought to be careful not to run your business into bankruptcy because of too many ideas.

Paying taxes if you must is another key to a successful business. Understand the structure of your business and be aware of when you should start paying taxes. Abiding by the law will always make you avoid unnecessary penalties and stay operating calmly.

Remain focused. You better stay out of things which can distract you from your targets. These may include friends who discourage you, doing too much as well as being eager to jump to the top within no time. Self-doubt should always not come your way. This will help you stay determined to achieving your set goals.

There are so many tips to help you grow your small business to that size you have ever dreamed for, take this opportunity and consider the above tips and you shall never regret.

More to come!

A Mysterious Case of Double Murder in France

Missing mom and daughter Allison Benitez

The whole month, the French criminologists searched, analyzed and tried to connect a few drops of blood with the disappearance of two women who were last seen alive in mid-July in Perpignan in southern France.
In the freezer of the family home only a few drops of blood were found. But it was enough for DNA analysis which confirmed that it is the DNA of a missing 19-year-old Allison Benitez.

Her mother’s DNA was found in a washing machine in the barracks. In fact, as a husband and father, Francisco Benitez was employed there (as a member of the Foreign Legion). Investigators now believe that the French Legionnaire tried to wash clothes stained with blood stains in a washing machine and thereby hide the remaining traces of the crime. But all these are only assumptions, given the well-known theory that without a body there is no crime. Therefore, one of the most intriguing of French criminal cases in recent months is still open. Allison Benitez and her mother – 53-year-old Marie-Josée- disappeared from the family home in Perpignan on July 14 The last person who saw them live was their father, Francisco Benitez, 50-year-old active member of the Foreign Legion.

It is noted that mother sent a message to her daughter on the same day. The message says that she was forced to make a difficult decision. The message also states that she is moving to Toulouse with Allison.
Investigators later claimed that there is no evidence that she sent the message. They say they are almost certain that the disputed text from her phone is actually sent by Francisco in order to conceal evidence of the murder and to gain time. In support of this hypothesis is the fact that during the checking of the family home, passports of mother and daughter have been found. Daughter’s cell phone was found also. It definitely refutes individual thesis according to which the two women have fled abroad.

Police have no leads, was the father’s act of suicide a way of pleading guilty to the crime?
There are no recordings of their eventual passing through the local stations or roads. Both their cell phones turned off immediately after the message is sent to eldest daughter. There were no bank transactions on the day of their disappearance.  Three weeks after the disappearance of the mother and daughter, Francisco Benitez  was found hanged at his workplace – in the barracks in Perpignan. He was found dead with a black scarf over his face, and police suspect that he confessed his guilt precisely by that act. A recording of his video messages was found later. In the video Francisco claims that he has nothing to do with the disappearance of his wife and daughter.

While some friends and relatives still hope for a happy ending, investigators (by finding DNA) have lost the last hope two women are still alive. Today, few people believed that he was the father which just could not handle the pressure due to the disappearance of a loved daughter and wife. It is believed that he wanted to achieve this effect using recorded message. Finding the DNA of missing women did not solve the case. Investigators are still still standing in place because there is no physical evidence of crimes committed, therefore no victims. There are only doubt in great tragedy. Perhaps this is another perfect crime. Crime committed by a scenario which is already tested.